The International Olive Oil Council (IOOC) sponsors a wide variety of medical and epidemiological studies and documents the effects of EVOO. According to studies, EVOO has the following positive health benefits:
  • Helps control glucose in the blood
  • Helps conditions hair, skin and cuticles
  • Fights cholesterol and helps prevent heart disease
  • In addition:
  • ENVY EVOO contains a very high level of the antioxidizing Vitamin E (15-17mg /100ml of oil) in alpha form (the most biologically active form of Vitamin E). It has been proven that antioxidants counter-act oxidative damage from free radicals and are essential in maintaining good health and in slowing aging.
  • Two tablespoons of ENVY EVOO contain 10.5 milligrams of phenolic compounds which also act as powerful antioxidants. It has been shown that taking 25 milligrams of phenolic compounds per day decreases the risk of degenerative diseases. These compounds may also play a role in the prevention of bone loss and all types of cancers.
ENVY EVOO | Olive Oil
  • A twelve month study was conducted in Italy in which half the participants took EVOO and the other half took sunflower oil. Those who took olive oil had their blood pressure reduced by 48% while the blood pressure of those who took sunflower oil dropped by 4%.
  • Recently, researchers on healthy nutrition have provided proof that the Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world. According to the researchers, people who follow the Mediterranean diet are found to be at much less risk of cardiovascular diseases. EVOO is an essential and basic mainstay of the Mediterranean Diet.


BIO HELLA Inspection Institute for Organic Products
ENVY EVOO has earned the Bio-Hellas Certificate of Authenticity, EU Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It has been tested at Maxxum Laboratory in Mississauga and is certified to contain under a .8 acidity level that is required to be classified as an Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Along with the high quality of its olives and production process, another important feature that separates ENVY EVOO from the rest is its unique and delicious flavour. When tasting ENVY EVOO, you will note fruity, grassy overtones followed by a peppery finish.

In addition to its obvious health benefits, ENVY EVOO’s robust flavour will enhance your salads and any dish when used as a finishing oil.

We use Earth Fresh produce (potatoes ) in our recipes.
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